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ST-UMANISTICI Scuola di Studi Umanistici e della Formazione

Enrolment procedure

Step 1: Students are expected to come to the International Relations Office of the Scuola degli Studi Umanistici e della Formazione to pick up the Enrolment Form and Learning Agreement signed by our institutional coordinator.

Please consider that the date the student arrives at the Office is the official start of his/her Erasmus+ mobility.


Step 2: In order to complete the enrolment procedure, the student will bring the original documents to the Novoli Office:


 Piazza Ugo di Toscana 5, Building D15 – ground floor, room 0.03 - 50127 Firenze

 Tel. 055 2759766/9791 - Fax 055 2759940

 E-mail: erasmusdesk-presnovoli(AT)

 Opening hours: Monday – Tuesday – Thursday 10.00-13.00


Here, the student will be provided with a matriculation number and with a student card called “libretto universitario”.  The libretto is the identification student card where all passed exams will be registered.

On the top of the libretto, students can find the Erasmus mobility’s date of beginning and end.

All the activities related to the Erasmus Mobility in Florence have to be completed until the last day indicated on the libretto.  

Please note that due to the large number of Erasmus students, the libretto could be issued several days after your registration. Novoli office will inform students as soon as libretto is ready; in the meantime, students can attending classes.


Students will also receive an USER ID (matriculation number) and a provisional password (date of birth) to access the online service on

Students are requested to change the password at the first access.


If students should lose the registration number and your password, please contact Novoli Office.


Step 3 (optional): In case the Home university needs to have back an “arrival form” or a certificate of attendance , indicating the day when the ERASMUS+ stay begins, our coordinator is able to sign it only after the students receive the libretto (student card).


Please remember that libretto is student's identification document so please bring it always with you.

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