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The School of Humanities and Education offers 22 Study Programs from the Humanities Area (8 Bachelor’s and 14 Master’s Degrees) and 4 Study Programs from the Education Area (1 Bachelor’s Degree, 1 Single-Cycle Master’s Degree and 2 Master’s Degrees).

Some study programs and curricula provide for the awarding of a double degree , while others have restricted access (admissions portal).

The School of Humanities and Education Studies then offers various opportunities for postgraduate training. In particular, two Specialisation Schools (in Historical and Artistic Heritage and Archaeological Heritage) of two-year duration, Level I and II master courses, advanced courses, and training courses for teachers and educators.

The School of Humanities and Education also runs the terminating courses  of the former Faculty of Humanities and the former Faculty of Education, ensuring that those enrolled can complete their academic careers.

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