Internal training activities recognizable as internship

The new University General Regulations for the Conduct of Curricular and Non-Curricular Internships provides for establishing "Internal Training Activities."

Art. 3 - Definitions

(d) internal training activities: these are other activities carried out within Departments and Schools, which may also be preparatory to the final examination. These activities fall outside the internship category but may be recognized to earn CFUs for curricular internships. The authorization, monitoring and recognition of CFUs for such in-house educational activities are the responsibility of the Study Program. For recognition, the Study Program expresses itself through a special resolution.

Students interested in conducting an in-house activity for internship recognition should, first of all, contact the faculty member responsible for that activity and the internship liaison person of the study program in which they are enrolled.

Interested students should:

1) fill out the application form and send it to the faculty responsible for the activity

2) send the application form, complete with signatures, to the study program internship delegate for approval 

3) send the form and the internship delegate approval email to the Academic Careers Office of their study program before the start date of the activity 

4) at the end of the activity, contact the supervising faculty to complete the end-of-activity certificate


  • the supervising faculty will send the completed and signed certificate to the Academic Careers Office (segreteria didattica)
  • the Academic Careers Office will send the certificates to the Presidents of the Study Programs so that they will be included in the first available Council/Committee for recognition deliberation
  • the Academic Careers Office will send the resolution to the Student Admin Office, which will take care of recording the recognition in the student's online career

A request for credit recognition for in-house activities may be submitted only if the activities for which recognition is sought are present in the approved study plan or if the request is made in conjunction with the change of the study plan during the periods prescribed by the School.

For graduating students: the certificate of completion must be submitted to the Students Admin Office by the deadlines specified in the thesis calendar for such credit recognition requests.

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