Before starting the internship

1. Contact a university tutor

Before searching for a company, students should contact the internship delegate or mentor for their Study program:

Humanities Area

Bachelor's programs

Master's programs

Education Area

Single-cycle master's degree study programs

Master's programs

2. Company Search

The internship must be carried out exclusively at a company affiliated with the University of Florence.

The student can consult the list by logging in via SPID  (Public Digital Identity System) to the Online Services Vuoi effettuare un tirocinio? (Do you want to carry out an internship?)

No type of internship is allowed to be held at locations belonging to cohabitants, relatives or relatives-in-law of the intern up to the 4th degree, similar to the provisions of the University’s Code of Ethics (Disclaimer Statement)

Company search (path: Trova > Azienda): you can search by selecting the Province or entering the   Ateco 2007 classification code developed by ISTAT. The Ateco code groups Companies into various categories based on their activity.

For facilities within the University, the search should be carried out by following the route: Find > Unifi Facilities.

Once the company has been identified, the student should contact the internship contact person recorded in the “Company Card” to confirm the possibility of the internship.

3. Safety in the workplace course

Before beginning the in-person internship, the intern must have fulfilled the training requirements for prevention and safety in the workplace.

Safety training courses

For any information on safety courses write to formazione.sicurezza(AT)

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