Starting an internship

For the academic year 2022/23, the guidelines adopted at the University level of mitigation of COVID  provide that “Curricular, final-proof and professionalising internships, internal and external, are conducted in person.

Students in the PROGEAS and Performing Arts courses should refer to the Internship Service of the Prato Campus for an internship activation.

1.  Authorisation to fill in the Project’s details

Once the student has received confirmation from the hosting company to be able to do the internship, he or she must apply for the authorisation to fill out the project details online on St@ge Online Services.

From their institutional email box, students should write a single email with three recipients: university tutor, company tutor and the  Internship Service of the School with the following info:

  • full name, student number, study program
  • name of the company (as registered in the St@ge database

The application must indicate the period in which the internship will be held, the training project must be outlined, and it must be reported if in possession of the Workplace Safety and Prevention Training Certificate: on what date it was held if the Certificate was issued by the University or on what date it was recognised by the Office of Prevention and Safety if an external training institution issued the Certificate.


See also the page Safety training courses.

The Internship Service proceeds to authorise the Project and notifies the student.

Instructions for filling in the Project’s details

2.  Validation, printing and delivery of the Project

Once the Project has been completed, a validation request must be emailed to the Internship Office, communicating at least the student number.

Following validation, the project can be printed or saved as a PDF and must be signed by:

  1. the student
  2. the university tutor
  3. the legal representative/sector manager
  4. the company tutor

The Project must be stamped by the company and sent to the Internship Service at least 5 working days before the internship start date.

3.  Activation of the internship

Once the Internship Service receives the document, it arranges for the activation of the internship and makes the necessary notifications.

The student is required to complete the Curricular internship diary for the entire duration of the project.


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