Reports and complaints

Reports and Complaints

In order to facilitate the resolution of critical issues in educational offerings and a fruitful dialogue between the administration and students, the Joint Faculty-Students Committee (JFSC) has prepared this outreach page.

Any student can send a report or complaint, keeping in mind that they can also be sent to their representatives. Anonymous communications are not accepted; however, the JFSC, in compliance with applicable laws, guarantees the confidentiality of personal data and anonymity of students when discussing communications.

 link to the report or complaint form


  • Sending the report
  • Recepit of the report and evaluation of the content
  • Assesment of the merits of the report and forwarding it to relevant persons or bodies
  • Recepit of the report
  • Response to the student - within 5 working days (for urgent matters)
  • Issue handling (taking specific improvement actions)

Notes to the procedure

  • The timeframe for handling the issue, consistent with staff resources and other organizational constraints, will be in relation to the urgency of the matter and the relevant entities
  • Responses are emailed to students' institutional addresses (name.surname(AT)
  • All dossiers are periodically placed on the agenda of the JFSC meetings
  • Relevant subjects or bodies mainly mean:
  1. President of the study program
  2. study program QA Manager
  3. study program student representatives
  4. President of the School
  5. study program Academic Career Office
  • Evaluation of the report means:

A preliminary assessment of the merits and relevance of the reports. No detailed assessment is made, but completely unsubstantiated communications containing general, confusing, or blatantly defamatory facts are discarded.

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