Outbound Orientation

Job Orientation and Job Placement

In addition to managing internships and placement, the Placement Service of the University of Florence coordinates programs and services offered to students, graduates, doctoral students, and PhDs to construct their professional identity and career planning. Through the University's Career Service, Placement services promote job training, meetings with businesses, and the development of entrepreneurship.

The Career Service is also a reference point for companies, professional firms and all organisations in the work world that aim to get in touch with students and graduates of the University, recruit qualified human resources, and bring their contribution to the awareness, autonomy and professional development of young people.

School Orientation Delegates

Continuing after graduation

After graduation, it is possible to continue one's studies by attending postgraduate training courses (Level I and II Professional Master Courses, Specialisation Schools, Postgraduate courses), PhD programs, or courses that enable one to obtain a teaching qualification (24 CFU training pathway, specialisation for auxiliary teachers).

Postgraduate Educational Offerings of the School

Postgraduate Educational Offerings of the Entire University

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