As of 1 October 2022, examinations will be held in person. 

Students and online services: as of 1 October 2022, SPID authentication for domestic students is mandatory

For all up-to-date information, see Unifinsieme in sicurezza.

A student may be admitted to take the examinations only if he/she is in good standing with the tuition fees and in case he/she is a student enrolled in a bachelor’s degree, after passing theEntry knowledge test where required.

Examination sessions are determined by the School Council in the Teaching Calendar.

To view exam sessions (appelli) without authentication in your online profile (SOL), consult the Bacheca appelli

How to register for examinations

Great care should be taken, and register to the exact exam code (B0xxxxx) entered in the most recent approved study plan (or LA for exchange students).

Registering for exams not in the libretto is possible using the ”ricerca appelli” link on the personal exam registration page (see the Guide on page 8).

Registering through the “ricerca appelli” is only possible when the exam registration window is open. Be careful to select the correct exam code. If it has not been possible to register for the exam by the deadline, the lecturer cannot add students to the list if the exam is not in the libretto.

In case of urgency of the verbalization of an exam (scholarship, Erasmus call, thesis application, and other deadlines), write a note for the lecturer when registering for the exam.

For feedback or problems involving registration for exams and whether the Bacheca appelli (exams notice board) does not show the session of the exam to be taken, contact Student Support by sending: the exam code, its name, degree program of affiliation, professor.

Student support

  • For exam sessions of the Humanities Area:
  • For exam sessions of the Education Area:

Examination procedure

The mode of conducting the examinations is as stipulated in the University guidelines, which are updated according to the health situation.

After taking the examination

  • Problem:  You do not get a notification of the outcome. If you have not received the email to acknowledge the grade and the 7-day silence/assent has not elapsed, it means the lecturer has not published the outcome.                                                                                                                                              What to do: contact the lecturer
  • Problem: Enrollment not in good standing (fees, residence permit, end of mobility period)                  What to do: Address the issue with the Student Admin Office or the International Relations Office
  • Problem: The libretto shows a subject listed, but the exam has not been taken, and there is no intention to take it in the future                                                                                                                                                 What to do: Nothing needs to be done. The subject cannot be removed; it remains in the booklet and gives no problems. The latest study plan is what matters (domestic students). Any exams not taken or failed will not appear in the Transcript of Records.
  • Problem: Exams are not visible in the libretto. For students enrolled in part-time mode, there may be a block due to exceeding the threshold of allowed credits.                                                                                  What to do: Contact the Student Admin Office
  • Problem: The exam was registered (verbalized) with an incorrect code                                                      What to do: The student should request the correction of the transcript from the lecturer, who will use the prescribed forms to be sent to the Student Admin Office

Lecturer support

Lecturers Online Services

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