Study Plans

Upon enrolment, each student is assigned the statutory study plan related to the Regulations of his or her Study Program.

The study plan must be completed by all students enrolled in a program and is submitted only once per academic year.

When submitting the study plan, you should indicate all the exams you intend to take during your career to reach the 180 or 120 credits (CFUs) or 300 CFU (for five-year programs) required to graduate, including elective credits (crediti a scelta libera) as well.

If you have already submitted a study plan in previous years, you may change it by resubmitting it in subsequent academic years.

If you do not intend to make changes to the last approved study plan, you do not need to submit a new study plan.


A.Y. 2023-2024 Study Plans Submission

A.Y. 2022-2023 Study Plans Submission

A.Y. 2021-2022 Study Plans Submission

A.Y. 2020-2021 Study Plans Submission


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