International mobility for study in non-EU countries (not Erasmus)

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The University of Florence offers its students the opportunity to carry out a study abroad experience by obtaining recognition of educational activities carried out not only in European countries through the Erasmus+ program, but also at universities in non-EU countries with which a mobility agreement is in force.

The non-European mobility period can be aimed at:

  • take courses and exams at the host site
  • carry out thesis research or part of it

Call for international mobility for study in non-EU countries, A.Y. 2023/204

Deadlin 28th April at 1.00 p.m.

Call, information and FAQs are available at the dedicated webpage

Foreign Destinations

All the destinations where you can go for your mobility

How to apply

Each year the University publishes a Call for Applications for Non-European Mobility (tentatively in January - February), giving students the opportunity to attend courses in higher education institutions outside the European community with which a mobility agreement is active. The Call states the requirements for admission, how and when to apply, and the list of foreign partner venues. All the information needed to participate can be found on the University website

Who can apply

All students regularly enrolled in the School of Humanities and Education without citizenship restrictions (keeping in mind that each successful student must then obtain a study visa from the embassy of his or her home country) who have adequate knowledge of the foreign language required by the host institution are eligible to apply for the Non-European Mobility.

Those enrolled in single courses are not eligible.

PLEASE NOTE: Application or participation in Erasmus + mobility (study and/or traineeship) does not exclude participation in Non-European Mobility as long as the mobility periods do not overlap.

Language proficiency

Applicants must know at least one foreign language besides Italian, as evidenced by a certificate issued by an appropriate certifying body.

Certification must be possessed at the time of application to the Call.

As a candidate, you are responsible for verifying the destination institution’s specific language requirements and preparing the necessary documentation to prove the required language proficiency.

How to submit the online application

After reviewing the Call and the available destinations, you should gather all the necessary information for choosing the most suitable institution for your purposes by consulting with the agreement’s Contact Lecturer.

It is, in fact, essential to contact the Lecturers in charge of the agreements in order to verify the coherence between your study path in Florence and the educational offerings of the Host University.

The exams to be taken abroad - and the corresponding Italian exams indicated for recognition - will be included in the Learning Agreement; these choices will be considered “provisional” and will serve, at this stage, solely for assessing the motivation for mobility.

The application for the Call can be submitted exclusively online by logging on to the TURUL platform at within the deadline of the Call. To apply, you must log into TURUL with your SPID credentials and choose the competition “Selezione per la formazione di graduatorie per la mobilità internazionale Extra-EU a.a. 2024/2025”

Once the application is completed, it is mandatory to complete the Learning Agreement for the first location by the deadline of the Call (it is strongly recommended to do so for the second location as well).

Ranking and acceptance

For ranking, a “winning” student has an assigned destination; an “eligible” student is one who has not been assigned any destination. Destination allocation is based on the order resulting from the evaluation of the selection criteria, taking into account the preference you expressed in the application.

In case you are awarded your second preference, you must:

a. accept that proposal; or

b. select the “voglio rimanere in graduatoria” (I want to stay on the ranking list) option and stand by for a possible new assignment due to an update of the shortlist.

All operations related to the selection, including rankings and any shortlists, will be available to students on the “i tuoi concorsi” (your competitions) page. You will NOT receive personal communications regarding the above operations.

Procedures for students in mobility programs

The procedures described below apply to students who have already obtained the Erasmus+/Non-EU student status. Procedures and documentation may change. Please regularly check your UNIFI institutional email and the School and University international mobility pages. (Read further...)

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