Application procedure

NOMINATION – for Partner university coordinators

In order to be accepted by the School of Humanities and Education, the HOME INSTITUTION of students selected within the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme must send an official NOMINATION to erasmus(AT)

Nomination deadline:  

  • 1st semester or full-year: 31st  May
  • 2nd semester: 30th October  

The nomination should contain the following data for each student:

  • Erasmus University Code
  • Student’s Name and Surname
  • Student’s Email address
  • Field of study
  • ISCED code of the agreement
  • Duration of studies at the School of Humanities and Education
  • Period (first/second semester, full year)

APPLICATION - for nominated students

Application deadline:  

  • 1st semester or full-year: 

       15th July  for FOR ALL STUDENTS

  • 2nd semester:

    15th December  for citizens of non-EU/EEA member states 

    15th January  for citizens of EU/EEA member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland


STEP 1. Once we receive your nomination, we will contact the students by email, providing all the information needed to proceed with the Application. Due to the big amount of incoming students the School of Humanities and Education receives every semester, this can take some time. We kindly ask students to read the following instructions in order to prepare their documents in advance.

Please note that we do not sign documents required from your home institution before the application submission.

Documentation needed for the application below (you can also download the documents from our website in the Modulistica section):

Please sent the above-mentioned documentation with the signatures and the stamps of your home institution by email to the following address:

It is very important that you send the documents in a separate PDF file and name your file NAME.SURNAME_NAME OF DOCUMENT (ES. JOHN.DOE_ENROLMENT, JOHN.DOE_LEARNING AGREEMENT...)

If you forget to send a document, your application may be returned to you, the processing of your application may be delayed, or your application may be refused. 

Please note:

  • the Student Mobility Proposal - Enrolment Form and Learning Agreement must be signed and stamped where indicated by the coordinator of the Home institution, forms without signature and stamp cannot be approved;
  • the enrolment is valid for one academic year.

In case you will be in Florence in person we will let you know if we need other documents.

STEP 2. Web Registration - DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE BEFORE 30TH JULY You need to enter your personal data through the online procedure (Tutorial).

ACCEPTANCE LETTER – for the Host institution  

As soon as application forms are processed, the International Relations Office will send incoming students an acceptance letter and the learning agreement signed. Please make sure that the email address given by your home Institution is correct or we will be unable to get back to you!

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