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Unfortunately our Institution does not provide accommodation for Erasmus students. 


Short Term Accommodation

The city of Florence offers different options for accommodation. You can find hotels, hostels, individual/shared apartments, single/double rooms to suit all styles and budgets.

Useful information can be found on these institutional websites



Mid and Long Term Accommodation

Florence offers different housing options for mid and long term stays:

  • renting an apartment on your own
  • sharing an apartment

The availability and costs of accommodation are extremely variable, depending on the location and the facilities provided. Housing announcements can be found on notice boards around libraries, departments, canteens at all the various campus locations.

Useful information can be found on the following websites:



To find houses or apartments to rent you can also get in contact with any estate agency based in Florence.

Here you can view a list of accommodation facilities in Florence metro area divided by type that offer discount rates for UNIFI guests. The list will be updated regularly. 

Please note that in each building of our School (piazza Brunnelleschi, Via Capponi, Via Laura, …) are located large notice boards where people advertise apartments and rooms for rent.

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