Choosing your courses and information

Before starting the application process, you are asked to choose your desired courses. 

Choosing courses

Students are authorized to attend all the courses available during the current academic year at our School, independently of the cycle of study, year or study area. 

The courses listed below are NOT available for Exchange Students:

  • “Conoscenza lingua straniera” or “Ulteriori conoscenze linguistiche”
  • "Idoneità di lingua o idoneità di lingua straniera"
  • “Prova finale di laurea”

Please keep in mind that the exams named "laboratorio" usually entail a pass/fail only grade. You will be however earning the corresponding credits. 

Please note that the Italian Language Course offered by Centro Linguistico di Ateneo - CLA is not an academic exam and does not provide ECTS credits or marks, so it should not be added to your Learning Agreement.

Exceptionally students can choose courses from one other school (e.g.: Scuola di scienze politiche, Scuola di economia e management, etc.…) but they must not exceed 50% of the total number of courses indicated in the learning agreement. Cases different from the ones listed above must be discussed on an individual basis.


1. Go to:⇒Didattica⇒Ricerca insegnamenti 

2. in the first dialog box select the name of the course (or just keywords)

3. from the drop-down menu "Scuola di" choose Studi Umanistici e della Formazione (the last one)

4. from the drop-down menu "Tipologia" choose either Laurea triennale (bachelor level) or Laurea Magistrale (master level) [Primary education students can also choose Laurea Magistrale ciclo unico 5 anni]

5. hit "cerca"

6. you will get a list, sometimes fairly long, of all subjects with that name. Click on each to check the semester (from the dates) and get more.  

7. IMPORTANT - you need to add the subject code together with complete name and credits and semester. The subject code is B0xxxxx. - Example: B003735 - STORIA MEDIEVALE


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